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InteractiveZone is working with Public Records Offices in Leicestershire, South Gloucester and in Trafford on the Three Centuries of Transport project. This will provide access to unique archive information on the railway, canal and aviation industries and systems that helped shape local communities.

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The project is producing a visual archive, accessible via the web to reach a broad audience. The Public Records Offices are providing original archive material, while the Interactive Zone is digitising the information, creating a user-friendly data base structure and a website to support it.

InteractiveZone played a key part in developing the 'Helix' integrated image data base that makes more than 52,000 high quality images available to Higher Education establishments.

The project, which was funded by the Higher Education and Further Education councils' Joint Information Systems Committee was amongst the first databases of its kind and led to the even more ambitious 'Elise' project which integrates image collections across Europe.

The ELISE consortium of 9 partners from the UK, Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium created an interconnected system of image banks in libraries and museums in Europe which resulted in some 40,000 digitised images and videos searchable on-line. These databases include lantern slides, glass plates, museum objects, furniture, paintings, microscopic preparations, photographs, newspapers, maps and videos.

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HELIX Search Page
HELIX Search Page
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