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The InteractiveZone

InteractiveZone provides consultancy and development services for the design and production of multimedia packages and computer animation material for wide-ranging applications on the Internet and CD ROM.

Museums and learning outcomes

Have you built learning activities into your Museum web site? Was it important for you to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your designs? Did you test the designs during development, and/or after they were completed? If you are willing to share some of your experiences please follow this link and complete the questionnaire.

The list below highlights the InteractiveZone's capabilities and expertise. Follow the links under the headings to find out more.

More Information

To find out more about what the InteractiveZone has to offer, follow the link below.

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Website Design and Development

Interactive Zone uses the latest thinking, design capabilities and software to create professional, easy to use and informative web sites and applications.

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CD ROM Design

Interactive Zone was called upon when The Royal Designers for Industry (RDI) wanted to produce a permanent multimedia record of the UK's most prestigious designers.

More about CD ROMs...

Broadcast Quality Computer Animation

InteractiveZone uses the same sort of software technologies as in epic films, such as Jurassic Park, to produce animation sequences for a wide range of promotional and educational purposes.

More about computer animation...

Archives and Databases

InteractiveZone is working with Public Records Offices in Leicestershire, South Gloucester and in Trafford to provide access to unique archive information on the railway, canal and aviation industries and systems that helped shape local communities.

More about archives and databases...

E-Commerce Expertise

InteractiveZone worked with Spalding Auctions, Lincolnshire, to look at ways of promoting the benefits of e-commerce to small and medium sized businesses.

More about e-commerce...

Multimedia Games

Amongst research carried out within the centre is a PhD project into how multimedia technology can help to relieve anxiety in children facing injections and operations.

More about games...

Virtual Reality

Interactive zone was a key partner in the development of a virtual tour of a little known tourist attraction, Boughton House in Northamptonshire.

More about virtual reality...

Resources and Facilities

InteractiveZone has a dedicated computer suite complete with access to some of the most up-to-date hardware and software for research and development.

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Contact the InteractiveZone

If you would like to contact the InteractiveZone for more information, follow the link below to view our contacts page.

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Photographs Exhibited in Britain
Photographs Exhibited in Britain
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Boughton House
Boughton House
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Coin Street CD ROM
Coin Street CD ROM
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