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Knowledge Media Design has a successful track record of innovation in on-line learning development and support.

We established a university-wide e-Campus in 1998 to enhance the flexibility of access to our teaching and learning resources and support systems in recognition of the needs of increasing numbers of learners to balance and mix the demands of employment and study over extended periods and at irregular intervals.

This initiative drew together and integrated several strands of De Montfort research and development. In particular these included the Electronic Library (for digital storage of course notes, lectures, reading lists, module outlines and assignments) and Educational Technology (on-line multimedia courseware development; networked learning support, various forms of computer and video conferencing; and off-line media including, CD, video and print).

There are now more than 3000 students per semester studying over 200 e-Campus modules. The latest development in this initiative has been a successful JISC bid for £250,000 to integrate e-Campus provision with University information systems to create a student-centred, managed learning environment called the Virtual Desk.

The LearningZone team worked closely with the Government's University for Industry ( to produce materials that will bridge the skills gaps within businesses (e-commerce for small to medium businesses), using e-campus techniques for learning delivery and support.

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