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The LearningZone: more information

LearningZone is a leader in the field of e-learning and e-training strategy development and delivery is actively involved in research into student/pupil/trainee and tutor/teacher/trainer responses to the emerging technologies. It is also an acknowledged leader in the development of remote learning using video conferencing and virtual distributed classrooms.

Notable projects carried out within the Centre have included Objects of Desire, the HELIX and ELISE image databases for education, REALITY: Real time Access to Learning, and development of the concept of a Managed Learning Environment integrating on-line learning resources, teaching materials, and university information systems within a seamless and learner-centred virtual learning environment.

LearningZone undertakes development and consultancy work, research, collaborative partnerships, in the following areas:

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Objects of Desire Objects of Desire Click image to find out about it

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HELIX Project HELIX Project Click image to find out about it

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