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Emsource Archives for Learning

Online learning activities developed for the East Midlands Museums, Libraries and Archives Council website. Learners role play different characters online to develop their understanding of historical events during the 19th century, based on access to original archival material.

The exercise concerns events surrounding an early industrial dispute between the Framework Knitters and the hosiery industry in Leicestershire, which resulted in a Royal Commission report in the 1850s.

In addition to historical knowledge, the online exercises are designed to develop skills in research and interpretation of historical sources, presentation of arguments and online collaborative working.

Taking on the role of a character is an important aspect of the exercise. The sense of a character identity is strengthened by giving each pupil a character name and password which they use to log onto the site.

Unfortunately, this means that the site cannot be accessed outside of the classroom. So if you would like to see what it contains, click the screen thumbnail image above and to the right for a short walk-through.

Emsource Archives for Learning
Emsource Archives for Learning
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