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Multimedia development

We develop online and multimedia materials to support a wide range of knowledge construction activities including collaborative learning in schools, corporate training, research collections and tools as well as an extensive portfolio of online undergraduate and postgraduate course materials. Project funding has come from both public and private sources including the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The European Commission, JISC, BT, Reuters, the New Opportunities Fund and Learndirect. Some recent examples include:

Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915

Funded by a grant from the AHRC, this is a research database of over 30000 records from the annual exhibition catalogues of the Photographic Society, London, published between 1870 and 1915. It contains: detailed records of all the exhibits, plus information about exhibitors, judges, hanging and selecting committee members, photographs and companies plus reproductions of all the catalogue pages, pictures of many of the photographs that were exhibited.

Read more about Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915.

ICT Guides (Aria)

Aria was a JISC funded Arts and Humanities ICT Awareness Programme aimed at giving researchers a broad overview of relevant ICT tools and resources, illustrations of their use and help in learning how to use them. The output from Aria was then combined with content from the Arts and Humanities Data Service's Projects and Methods Database project to form ICT Guides. Responsibility for development of the ICT Guides site fell to a team made up of developers from KMD (who designed the website structure and graphical user interface) and the AHDS (who were responsible for the database and Java coding).


Research Portals in the Arts and Humanities (RePAH) set out to discover the behaviour and needs of researchers in the Arts and Humanities in respect of portals, inlcuding information about information discovery strategies, awareness and attitudes, user activity and responses to future portal developments.

More about RePAH

Objects of Desire

Objects of Desire is a final year module for students interested in careers in museums, galleries, sale rooms, dealers and historic buildings. Those following such careers are likely to have to work increasingly with virtual objects, as well as real artefacts, for the purposes of curation, interpretation and valuation.

More about Objects of Desire

Roger Fenton's Letters from the Crimea

A unique online record of the letters written by this highly active and influential 19th century photographer famous for his photographs of the Crimean war. Fenton wrote home regularly, creating the earliest known account of a photographer documenting a war. Developed in association with the University of Texas at Austin, the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in the UK.

Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865

An Arts and Humanities Research Board funded project to create an online database of over twenty thousand exhibition records transcribed from 46 catalogues, citing works submitted by over a thousand photographers. This collection is the most comprehensive record of mid-nineteenth century photographic activity yet published, providing information on a range of relatively unknown photographers.

Emsource Archives for Learning

Online learning activities developed for the East Midlands Museums, Libraries and Archives Council website. Learners role play different characters online to develop their understanding of historical events during the 19th century.

More about Emsource

Three Centuries of Transport

A New Opportunities Fund project to create online museums research and learning resources based on archive records of early canals, railways and aviation, including the Bridgewater Canal, the building of the Manchester Ship Canal, the building of the London Extension of the Great Central Railway and the history of British aviation development at Filton and Patchway in South Gloucestershire from 1910 to the present.

Short and Associates

The corporate web site for international architects Short and Associates.

Highfields Remembered

A web site record of reminiscences of those who passed through the immigration gateway of Leicester - the most ethnically diverse city in the UK.

More about Highfields Remembered

Boughton House

A virtual stately home web site for a little known tourist attraction which contains a remarkable art collection.

More about Boughton House

Royal Designers for Industry

A multimedia CD ROM that records the work of the UK's most prestigious designers.

More about the RDI CD

Coin Street

The Coin Street area of Waterloo in London is a CD-based programme that enables students to consider the historical development of the area.

Visit Coin Street

Reuters Transaction Products

The Reuters Transaction Products training package combines computer based simulations with practical exercises to create a flexible learning package.

More about Reuters


Faculty staff have led pioneering research into digital image capture and access, such as our 'Helix' integrated image data base that makes more than 52,000 high quality images available.

More about HELIX

Exhibitions of the RPS Exhibitions of the RPS Click image to visit web page

ICT Guides ICT Guides Click image to visit web page

RePAH RePAH: Research Portals in the Arts and Humanities Click image to find out more

Roger Fenton's Letters from the Crimea Roger Fenton's Letters from the Crimea Click image to visit web page

Photographs Exhibited in Britain Photographs Exhibited in Britain Click image to visit web page

Emsource Archives for Learning Emsource Archives for Learning Click image to find out more

Three Centuries of Transport Three Centuries of Transport Click image to visit web page

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