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Photography Resources in a Digital Age

Photography Resources in a Digital Age is an introductory module for students studying the MA Photographic History and Practice.

In a digital age, access to photography resources such as image collections, discussions, databases, galleries etc. is increasingly available via online sources. In this module students create an online photographic history research archive, working from primary resources. The module covers how to select content, digitise it and publish it to the Web; how to catalogue it; how to build a database; and how to design an effective user interface that makes it easy for target users to find and refine information from the database. Along the way students learn about object handling, digitising tools, file types and optimisation, resource discovery strategies, copyright and fair use, database design and metadata and prototype building and testing.

For the module assignment students have to design, build and test an online exhibition catalogue or similar using the Wiki tools and critique their designs.

Click the image above and to the right to see screenshots of the course, which show selected extracts from the teaching notes and some of the student project work.

Photography Resources Photography Resources in a Digital Age Wiki Screen Shot Click to view screenshots

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