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In July 2005, the RePAH Project was commissioned to carry out a survey of user-needs for information portals in the Arts and Humanities by the Arts and Humanities Research Council ICT in Arts and Humanities Programme.

It began its work in September, conducted its first round of focus groups in December, also launching its online questionnaire that same month. By May 2006, the Project had analysed the 128 questionnaire responses, completed the report on the first round of focus groups and conducted a Delphi exercise among selected respondents.

At the same time, deep-log analysis was conducted on the extant web-log information, mainly based on information from the calendar year 2005, furnished by the AHDS and two constituent elements of the RDN, Humbul and Artifact. This information formed the platform for a second set of focus groups, focusing on a 'demonstrator' of possible information portal developments.

The responses to this second set of focus groups enabled the project to provide the fine-grained analysis of user-need which constitutes the basis of its recommendations. This report was compiled in August 2006, was submitted in September 2006, and can be found online at

RePAH was an information-gathering project. Our brief was to discover user-behaviour and user-needs of researchers in the Arts and Humanities in respect of portals. We set out to discover four kinds of information:

  1. Information about users' information discovery strategies and internet usage.
  2. Information about users' awareness and attitudes with respect to currently available online services and tools, including such gateways and portals as current exist.
  3. Information about patterns of recent user-activity in relation to the RDN subject hubs and AHDS.
  4. Information about users' responses to what future portal developments can deliver.

Follow this link to visit the RePAH website.

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