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VisionZone Graphics

VisionZone Graphics has a strong track record in providing imaginative and effective graphics for a range of visual communications, with particular strengths in instructional media design, graphics strategy development and implementation planning.

Services include instructional design, information design systems, corporate branding and identity, and promotional materials.

In building its instructional design portfolio, VisionZone Graphics has collaborated with academics and training specialists to develop a range of imaginative learning and teaching packages, both in on-line and print formats.

On-line projects range from a complete photography course, including lecture material, tutorials, assessment facilities, feedback and staff/student noticeboards, to a visual communications resource and on-line career guide for De Montfort's students.

Past successes include print-based work such as Key Skills assessment workbooks for De Montfort's students, and module templates developed to help De Montfort's staff in the writing of undergraduate courses.

Information design systems, whether virtual or real, require the strategic specialisms offered within VisionZone Graphics. The team has a track record in creating user-friendly on-line links within interactive information and resource packages, providing easy cross-reference and access to associated data.

VisionZone Graphics also develops more traditional, intelligent signing systems to help improve foot and traffic flows in areas used by large numbers of people - whether it be a train station, large commercial office block or shopping mall.

De Montfort University's Library, used by thousands of undergraduates, post graduates, researchers and academics, is amongst its satisfied customers. The library needed a new signing and information system after a major upgrade. Working with library staff and library users, VisionZone Graphics carried out an in-depth analysis of existing systems, developed a new strategy and created a package which included new signing, brochures and information leaflets.

Corporate branding and identities are vital for many industries and organisations. VisionZone Graphics has produced strong and innovative identities for a wide variety of customers, including an electronic image library 'Eclipse' and Pollen UK, a project researching allergies and the effects of pollen on the atmosphere.

VisionZone Graphics has also developed posters, promotional leaflets, flyers, brochures and other promotional material to support a wide range of events including exhibitions, performing arts, library events, courses and other educational opportunities.

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