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The VisionZone: more information

VisionZone is a commercial media production unit that has expanded over the past few years to meet the increasing demand for creative and innovative visual material in print, video and multimedia formats.

Based around a core group of experienced media professionals, VisionZone benefits from strong inter-faculty links with leading experts in many fields, for example: architecture, conservation, management, biopharmacy, healthcare, engineering, product and fashion design, whose academic research and knowledge can be called upon to ensure authenticity and realism.

The VisonZone team's visual and graphic signing skills are used in the development of the Learning Zone and the Interactive Zone research projects.

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Such collaborative projects include work with the Public Records Offices in Leicestershire, south Gloucestershire and Trafford to create Three Centuries of Transport, a visual archive of the railway, canal and aviation industries, as well as the creation of a 'virtual tour' website to promote a little known historic home, Boughton House.

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VisionZone services encompass:

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Boughton House
Boughton House
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