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VisionZone Photography

VisionZone Photography has an established expertise in assisting museums, galleries, collectors and archivists to make material more accessible to the public through the use of new multimedia technologies.

The team has collaborated with LearningZone and InteractiveZone to research and edit images, making material available on CD ROM or on-line, and hence accessible anywhere in the world.

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Recent work includes a partnership with Leicester County Council and the Leicester Library Service to create a multicultural and aural record, Highfields Remembered, a project that attracted National Heritage Funding.

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VisionZone Photography also specialises in creative digital or print images for magazines and brochures, posters, exhibitions, calendars, point of sale, leaflets and other promotional material. It can offer full project management services for photographic-based projects, from archive compilation through to art direction and production, using camera and computer-based digital manipulation.

The team works with a broad range of customers to meet one-off and long-term commitments. One progressive project has been to update regularly a growing portfolio of promotional shots for the designers of innovative bespoke furniture for commercial and office premises. Promotional work has included a brief from a company of spectacle wholesalers to provide an eye-catching broadsheet poster and point of sale cards to be circulated to retailers.

A challenge of a different kind came when the designers and suppliers of retro football kits wanted an imaginative way to publicise their garments without the need for live models. The football strips are photographed in VisionZone's studios on specially adapted tailors dummies to provide an 'invisible man' image for inclusion in promotional literature.

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Highfields Remembered
Highfields Remembered
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