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VisionZone Video

VisionZone Video has a growing clientele for its training videos and CD ROMs and an expanding client base within industrial and commercial companies, local organisations and charities.

Extensive project management services are offered, including script writing, directing and editing. Additionally, the unit can commission presenters and script advisers, and produce supporting materials in the form of packaging, point of sale, posters, training material and brochures.

Videos are increasingly being used as instructional and training tools as well as for promotional purposes. VisionZone's NSPCC National Training video and accompanying tutor pack won a major prize at the ETMA video awards.

Working in collaboration with experts within De Montfort's Humanities and Social Studies Faculty, the video was shot partly on location and partly in VisionZone's dedicated studio. Its purpose is to help volunteers working with children identify and cope with any abuse cases they might encounter. A professional presenter worked with social workers and others to provide 'authentic' testimony, based on case histories.

In another training project, VisionZone Video achieved a fast turnaround when approached by a major brewery looking to ensure its staff made best use of bar displays to maximise sales of high margin products.

It took VisionZone a mere three weeks from the first phone call to deliver a final edited version of the training session in digital form.

When a recruitment organisation approached VisionZone to produce an induction package for casual staff working at a major food manufacturer, an interactive video was the solution.

It introduces new recruits to health and safety issues and, by combining it with a simple Question and Answer sheet, provides the opportunity to assess whether all those who have watched the video have understood the requirements.

An added bonus for the company in using a video rather than an introductory talk is the knowledge that all inductions are of a constant quality whenever and wherever they are held.

VisionZone Video has also built a portfolio of work involving young people. With support from the Prince's Trust, Soar Valley College wanted to tackle the issues of exam stress and how to deal with it.

VisionZone was asked to help with script writing, directing, shooting and editing of the appropriately entitled Getting Completely Stressed Everyday (GCSE) video, aimed at future GCSE students.

Filmed over a period of months, the video includes live theatre action, an exhibition and video clips from the students giving their own tips on how to survive exams. Getting Completely Stressed Everyday is being entered for awards.

VisionZone's script writing and directing skills also make it particularly well placed to accept promotional projects for local authorities, charities and commercial and industrial groups.

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